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40% of the World’s Top Brands Are Now Using Instagram

Over the past year, Instagram has been the most talked-about photo sharing service and one of the most talked about social networking services. Logically, more and more brands are joining it and trying to figure out ways to reach potential customers through filtered photos.

Social media analytics company SimplyMeasured published an interesting report earlier this week that explores how popular Instagram currently is among the world’s most valuable brands.

The chart above shows social network adoption rates among the Interbrand 100, or the 100 top brands worldwide. 40% of these companies have signed up for Instagram. We also see that another photo sharing service, Pinterest, is even more popular at 51%. Both these companies launched in 2010.

The report also contains facts about how these companies use Instagram:

To see how the companies’ filter choices compare to the general public, we can compare the figures to Webstagram’s analytics, generated from the most recent 1.9+ million photos:

So giant corporations — or their PR people — like broadcasting their wares with the “Lo-fi” filter, while ordinary individuals prefer “Earlybird”.

[via PetaPixel]

[via PetaPixel]

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