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Australian Photographer in Hot Water After Threat-Filled Facebook Tirade

Think before you post. This should be the message greeting all of us when we open up our social network of choice. Before we get a chance to do anything else, a big bold ALL CAPS message reminding us that our social media comments have consequences should appear front and center.

Maybe if they had, Australian photographer Mark Hamilton wouldn’t be embarrassed, apologizing for a Facebook tirade in which he threatened to release racy photos of a model because she had ‘liked’ a post that insulted him.

Reading that last sentence, you might think we’re click-baiting you and that this story isn’t quite as inflammatory as it sounds — but we’re not, and it certainly seems to be.

The whole mess began when Hamilton took to Facebook to berate the Darwin modeling agency for allegedly not booking their models paid work. That was met with a reply by a modeling director who called Hamilton a “an absolute f***wit,” a post that Darwin Cup Carnival ambassador Kahlia-May Gepp ‘liked.’

Hamilton didn’t take kindly to the ‘like,’ and immediately unleashed a profanity-laced tirade against Gepp in which he threatened to reveal unflattering and racy pictures of her to the world. Here are the highlights, from both public and private messages, as reported by

  • “Remember, I have of piccys (sic) you may not like on the net — so I’m a f***wit now? What do you think that will make me do with them?”
  • “Mark this is straight up bullying. I gave you the answer you asked for, now please leave me alone”
  • “No Kahlia — I demand a retraction to your BS ‘Like’. Think before you f*** with ppl that can cause you s*** OK???”
  • “I will name and shame chicks I have given my time to and made look great. I should post a before and after album with some of them”
  • “I couldn’t give a s*** about (the modelling agency directors) or some of their looser (sic) models like Stantanna (sic). B****es, burn in hell, LOL”

In the clarity that often follows such comments getting international media attention, Hamilton has apologized. He explains that he was ‘cranky,’ had ‘had a few beers,’ that he doesn’t condone any sort of cyber-bullying and that he has no defamatory photos of Ms. Gepp in his possession.

Whatever the case may be — and Ms. Gepp confirms that she has never posed full frontal topless for him or any other photographer — many see Mr. Hamilton’s actions as a step-by-step tutorial on how to destroy a career, and we have to agree with them.

A Reddit user familiar with his work and reputation explained that he is the go-to glamour photographer in Darwin, but it’s hard to imagine any models or agencies jumping at the opportunity to work with him until long after this story has blown over… and maybe not even then.

Let us know what you think of the whole fiasco in the comments down below. We have reached out to Mr. Hamilton for comment so that he might have a chance to tell his side and defend himself, and will update this post as soon as we hear back from him.

(via via Reddit)

Image credits: THINK before you by Thomas Galvez

[via PetaPixel]

[via PetaPixel]

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