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Enhance your Instagram Experience With Instasize App

Enhance your Instagram Experience With Instasize App


Are you someone who handles multiple social media accounts for personal and work purposes? While it is fun to edit and upload content, it could become a chore if you need to do it multiple times a day, especially that there is an absolute need to produce visually appealing content all the time. With all of these in mind, don’t you wish there was an app that carries all the editing tools you need for your content? There might be one, and it’s the new and improved Instasize.


Available for download for Android and iOS with an exclusive 7-day free trial, the new version of Instasize could be the saving grace for active social media fanatics and professionals. Developers Munkee Co. packed the new version of the app with features that will suit all the needs of the daily Instagram user.


Instasize made social media waves in 2014, during the time when Instagram users could only upload cropped, square photos. The app gave users freedom by allowing them to post images in their real dimensions with the help of borders. The new version serves more than just a come back and a promise for full-sized uploads, it’s a complete revamp with tons of editing tools that work well for all kinds of social media content. Possibly the most powerful feature of the rebranded version is its impressive selection of filters, and they are perfect to use whether you’re a simple photo sharer or a professional photographer who tend to be aesthetically picky.



Once you download a photo editing app, it could take a week, or even less, to get tired of the filters it provides. Not with the new Instasize. The latest version has an impressive selection of more than 60 filters, with new ones coming each month for its premium account holders. The filters give off sophisticated effects that fit all kinds of moods and account themes. From vintage to modern or somewhere in between, there’s an Instasize filter that’s perfect for the kind of photo tint that’s in your head.


Have you ever visited a highly followed Instagram account and noticed that the photos have similar tints and hues despite difference in actual color composition? It would be normal to think that this kind of coherent effect could only be done using a desktop editing software. Wrong, you can actually achieve this consistency with your phone! The filters on Instasize could help you achieve this kind of consistent theme by simply selecting similar grouped filters and applying it to your photos. Aside from using the filters (with adjustable intensity), users can still edit other elements of the image, such as saturation, tint, shadows, highlights, and grain. Instasize really makes it so easy to edit photos and be able to upload quality content, and it’s a must-have in your phone if you’re managing more than 2 accounts.


One feature of the new Instasize that has us exceptionally excited is the in-app text editing tool. Users can apply typography effects with many different fonts and they are perfect for adding text to Instagram Stories. The text tool makes it easy for business accounts to post announcements, contest rules, promotions, etc. The text tool is easy to use and the fonts add a fun touch to any text heavy content.



Instasize has always been known for their selection of borders, and the new version has a lot of new ones to play around with. There are decorated borders, patterned borders, and themed ones for special occasions. There are also borders with minimal designs for a more sophisticated look. Those who are handling fashion-related Instagram accounts can fully utilize the borders selection in many ways. Users can resize their images within the borders and use it to showcase seasonal collections or to make mood boards online. When used with the app’s text tool, doing these kinds of business-related content is a lot easier.


Whether you are using Instagram for business, as an influencer, or a marketer, the new Instasize will fulfill all your content styling needs. With so many filters and editing options, there’s so much room for creative freedom. The easy-to-use interface and its industry efficient features allow freedom for so much visual experimentation for all kinds of Instagram accounts, and that alone makes the $4.99 monthly premium well worth it.


Download here for free to get started.



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