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How to Get a Blog Post to Write Itself

Blogging is a great, free way to promote your photography business. Its benefits include targeted local traffic and networking opportunities with other vendors and venues. There’s the free promotion when your clients share your posts using social media, not to mention the happy client testimonials collecting in the comments.


Websites with blogs get 55 percent more traffic than those without, according to More traffic means more leads, and that adds up to more money. There’s just one problem: What if you’re not a “writer?”

You’ve got great photos to show off, but it’s not enough to post pictures. If you want all that good SEO mojo, you need to have at least 100-200 words of text containing the keywords your clients are searching for. All that amounts to a lot of work if you get blogger’s block every time you sit down at the computer.

Lori’s Lazy Blog Strategy

One of my wedding photographer friends came up with a brilliant strategy for writing a blog post. Lori is an extremely talented photographer, but she’d be the first to admit that she writes like a fourth-grader.

Every time she sat down to blog about a recent wedding, it gave her an instant headache.  Yet she’d experienced the benefits in traffic, leads and booked weddings first hand, so she knew she had to do it. One day, Lori had an idea: What if she could get her brides to write their wedding blog post for her?

She knew brides just love to talk about their details, show off their colors and theme, and tell the story of their engagement. She figured they’d do it for her blog if she gave them the opportunity. That’s exactly what they did, and she’s blogged happily ever after.

4 Steps for Lazy Blogging

Here’s how Lori’s Lazy Blog Strategy would work for a wedding photographer:

1. At your final meeting before the wedding, give the bride a list of questions. Ask whom they hired for entertainment, flowers, catering, makeup and hair, and transportation. Ask about the venue and dress designer. Then ask her about her colors and theme. Why did she pick them?

2. When you’re ready to post the photos on your blog, copy and paste the names of the vendors and details provided, and links to their websites.

3. Copy and paste what the bride wrote about her theme, tweak it for readability, add a sentence or two of your own about the wedding itself, and hit Publish.

4. Give your blog post an extra boost by sending the link to the bride and all the vendors you’re promoting, inviting them to share it with their network.  Your clients will no doubt share it with their friends and family.

Strategy Can be Easily Adapted

This strategy works for any type of photography blog post.  Simply ask your clients to include details about the clothes or accessories the kids have on in their portraits, or where she found that amazing maternity outfit.  If you’re blogging about your commercial work, ask the client about the message they’re trying to convey or the story of the product they’re featuring, and credit all the major players of the photo shoot.

The fans following your blog will eat up those little details, and come back for more. Meanwhile, you’re getting great content that pumps up your SEO without having to do any extra work. With the Lazy Blog Strategy, writing a blog post doesn’t have to be a challenge.

How do you come up with client-attracting content for your blog?

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