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New: Lightroom Presets Designed Specifically for Landscape Photography

This is a comprehensive suite of presets for Lightroom users designed to drastically improve workflows for processing and editing landscape photos. While there are other systems of workflow presets available for Lightroom users, Landscape Legend was created specifically with landscape photos in mind. It includes exactly what is needed to work with landscape photos without clutter or extra features that distract, making it simple to use. We were able to arrange a 64% discount until next FridayDeal found here: Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets Bundle

Edited with a One-Click preset from The Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets Bundle (+ a slight post crop vignette)

This bundle includes 3 different sets of develop presets and 1 set of adjustment brushes. Here are details of each:

1-Click Develop Presets – You’ll get 15 different presets that allow you to process landscape photos with just a single click. It includes a basic landscape processing preset, faux HDR presets, presets for black and white conversion, and more. There are presets to process your landscape photos while enhancing specific colors, such as brightening blue skies, enhancing green, and bringing out autumn colors.

Landscape Workflow Presets – The 1-click presets can be a great time-saver, but there will be times when you’ll want more control to create a specific look or effect. These workflow presets have been created specifically with landscapes in mind, and they can save you a great deal of time while editing your own photos. The workflow presets are broken down into 12 different categories and are “stackable”. Each preset only impacts the settings within it’s own specific category, so you can create endless possible effects and edit photos to suit your own style. You’ll find presets for things like tone adjustments that are typically used with landscape photos, curves that will enhance the look of your photos, add soft color filters, apply sharpening, reduce noise, add vignettes, and more. There are workflow presets for adjust colors to enhance blue skies, bring out the green, make autumn colors pop, and to convert the photo to black and white.

Graduated Filter Presets – You’ll also get 19 different develop presets for easily adding graduated filters. This includes a variety of presets to replicate the effect of using hard or soft graduated neutral density filters, with different levels of exposure adjustments included. These are perfect for landscape photos where you need to reduce or increase the exposure above or below the horizon. There are also graduated filter presets included for enhancing blue skies, adding haze, and other effects. The graduated filter presets can be used in combination with the 1-click presets and the workflow presets.

Adjustment Brushes – The set also includes 18 different adjustment brushes that you can use to make adjustments to specific areas of your photos. If your photo doesn’t include a straight horizon or line where the graduated filters can be used effectively, the adjustment brushes can be a much more effective option. You’ll get brushes for dodging and burning to darken or lighten specific areas of your photos, adjust the temperature for warmer or cooler areas, desaturate, increase saturation, selective black and white conversion, add haze, enhance a blue sky, and more.

These presets only work in Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5. Documentation is included to show how to install and use the product. The presets work with RAW and JPG photos, but we recommend using with RAW files for the best results.

How to Get a Discounted Copy This Week:

Our readers can receive 64% off until Friday, January 17. It also carries a 30 day guarantee, if you are not satisfied with any part of the book just let us know and we will give you a full refund so there is no risk in trying it.

Found here: The New Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets Bundle

[via PictureCorrect Photography Tips]

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