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Simple Street Photo Capturing Act of Kindness Becomes Viral Nationwide Story

On a particularly cold November night near Times Square, NYPD officer Larry DePrimo spotted a man walking around barefoot. When DePrimo asked him where his shoes were, the man said he’d never had any. Without hesitation, DePrimo went to the nearest shoe store and bought the man a pair of boots and socks. He then sat the man down and helped him put them on while, unbeknownst to DePrimo, a woman standing nearby took a photo.

A random act of kindness turns into a nationwide story due to this quick blurry photograph. (imgur)

The woman was Jennifer Foster, a resident of Arizona, who had been visiting Times Square with her husband. She said she was approaching the man to give him some money when the officer knelt down beside him and helped him put a pair of boots on.

“Because I’ve been doing this long enough in a similar line of work, and my father was a police officer in the city of Pheonix, Arizona for 32 years, I knew that it was remarkable.”

The photo has gained quite a buzz on the internet with over 430,000 likes on facebook, 10,000 upvotes on Reddit, and a popular topic in the twitterverse. DePrimo’s sudden popularity has caught him by surprise, but he’s glad that his act has restored some faith to he masses.

[via PictureCorrect Photography Tips]

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