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The Quest for Photography Inspiration

This thrilling video comes in anticipation of  the upcoming documentary, “La Quête d’Inspiration” (“The Quest for Inspiration”), a film about photographer Alexandre Deschaumes by filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay (Includes  Subtitles). The epic, sprawling look of this film was made possible with the Canon 5Ds Mark II and III:

Through heart-stopping panoramas in The Alps, Iceland, Brittany, and Patagonia, this video takes us to the most awesome and terrifying places the wide world has to offer. Even in a two-minute short, we can palpably feel the sense of longing in the odyssey of these two extraordinarily courageous artists, searching tirelessly through nature’s harshness and cruelty to find its unfathomable beauty.

The profound isolation that drives the ominous significance of this film is a theme that has driven great art since the dawn of man – the smallness of a human figure, lost in the vastness of the world around him; man trying to survive against nature’s silent, unyielding, and infinite strength. It gets right past the heart, into the gut. It is the place where life is death, fear is awe, and being completely alone makes you more connected to the world, and to oneself, than ever. It shows us how landscape photography is more than just a picture of a place – it is an expression of our relationship with the earth which bore us all.

[via PictureCorrect Photography Tips]

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